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Water well drilling, pump installation and maintenance!

The company was started in 1986. John D. was taught the trade by his father, John T. After watching his father for many years, John D. knew this was his path. His sons are now following in his footsteps and carrying on the family business with him. Turnbull Well Drilling has been proudly serving New York and Pennsylvania areas for over 30 years and is proud to now serve New Jersey as well. You will always get the 'old school' experience with professionalism and compassion, while receiving the latest and greatest in applied technology and equipment to complete the services required.
Full service start to finish
We offer pump installation and a wide range of services, including:
   • Water well drilling
   • Water well repairs
   • Pump repairs
   • Hydrofracking
   • Water filtration systems
   • Water well deepening
   • Test wells
   • Geo-thermal drilling
   • Flow testing
   • Well maintenance

We service New York, Pennsylvania & New Jersey! 

Turnbull Well Drilling Assoc is a trusted provider to local municipalities, businesses and residential customers just like you who want the best service.

Well drilling

At Turnbull Well Drilling, we do our research and obtain all the necessary permits or provide the information you'll need to obtain one. We've collected data about the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania area's water table over the years, including average well depth, rock formations and so forth. Before we begin a project, we'll go over these kinds of details with you, to ensure that you're kept informed right from the start.

Water wells and repairs

As part of our well drilling and water well repairs service, Turnbull Well Drilling will consult you on the best location and pumping system for your well. Whether it's a home or commercial building, we make sure water flows with the correct amount of pressure to fulfill your requirements. Debris, soil, water, etc. will be directed away from your property. We'll follow all the safety rules and regulations in your area.

Pump maintenance

Sometimes repairs are required. Warning signs to look out for include muddy or murky taps, a change in the taste of water, spigots coughing and sputtering, a drop in water pressure or the amount of water available. Call us today if you have questions or issues!
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